purchase Lyrica in canada “Jesus With Us Ministries is committed to teaching and proclaiming the Word of God to strengthen the faith of believers of Jesus Christ. We share the love and amazing life- transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ for the lost who are dying spiritually. We work to equip those who follow Christ by laying a strong foundation of God’s Word in their lives. This enables them to grow deeper in their personal relationship with God in their daily Christian walk. Our aim is to pass on a love, excitement and desire for the Word of God, conveying that knowing God’s Word is essential to our lives as Christians. We help followers of Jesus to grow stronger in the truth of God’s Word which empowers them in every aspect of their lives to become more effective in living through the application of God’s Word and sharing the truth with others. It is our dream to see the Body of Christ grow stronger in God’s Word and to walk in freedom so that they may grow in love for God and for others who need the reality of God’s love in their daily living.”

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The purpose of JESUS WITH US MINISTRIES is twofold:

http://rnrorganisation.co.uk/blogs/tag/commscamp/feed/ 1. To preach and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. To equip believers for ministry and build up the body of Christ.

 How we do this:

1. Preaching events that are evangelistic
2. Active one-on-one evangelism.
3. Teaching events.
4. Consulting/partnering with congregational/institutional (Bible schools) leadership , and working in conjunction with Church leaders in the context of ministry events to problem solve issues that are spiritual in nature.
5. Prayer.

In order to carry out our mandate we use our training events and emphasize teaching based on God’s Word. We emphasize the need for discipleship.  To that end we do some amount of personal prayer ministry and we work to incorporate new believers into active ministry with us or in their local church context.

We are Trinitarian in our theology according  the Confessions of the early Church as laid out in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds.  These creeds  speak of the central and literal truths of the Christian faith as they are revealed in the Holy Bible.

We uphold the Holy Bible as the complete and true Word of God for us today.

We believe the daily Christian walk to be an ongoing and dynamic encounter with the living God.

We believe that all Christians are called to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and in support of one another.

We believe that a developing prayer life, an active faith community, regular study and application of God’s Word to daily life are key to the development of faith and character in any believer.

We believe that the call to serve the larger body of Christ is central to our ministry.  We seek to meet the needs and enhance the ministries of the local and global Church as it reaches out to a lost world.